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Once upon a time there was LabelUsineS

There was a time in Neuchâtel, in francophone Switzerland, where a group of musicians from around the (entire) world developed a different sort of music - music that was alive, music from near and far. Their groups bore such bewildering names as "Débile Menthol", "Nimal" and "L' Ensemble Rayé" (the striped or scratched orchestra) and they fabricated melodies of all styles for concert halls, for disks, shows, films and festivals.They built an edifice, a recording studio, on Foundry Avenue (rue des Usines) across from the chocolate factory. Then one bright and sunny day, Jean-Maurice - known as Momo - Rossel decided to produce the first solo CD of the multiphonic Shirley Anne Hofmann on his own label. Other CDs were to follow. LabelUsineS was born.

The association, today...

The LabelUsineS Association, founded in 2002, intends to add another chapter to
this musical tale. Its goal: to promote the creation, production and diffusion of open, different, lateral and unrecognized music, merging styles and genres, yet according complete respect to the creators, their intentions, origins, culture and identity.The potential profits from CD sales, concerts or broadcasting royalties is to be used to fund
the development of new projects and to improve the stability and functionality of the association.

Our CD "Inventaire" (LUS006) contains a selection of music from the productions of LabelUsineS thus far. There will be others...



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