Shirley Anne Hofmann : "Euphoria Live", "Alp Traum",
"From the Depths"
Nimal : "Dis tanz", "Voix de surface"
L'Ensemble Rayť
Orkester Ben Jeger : "Aria !", "Idraulica"
Bratko Bibic & The Madleys
Trevor Dufoin
Compilation, "Inventaire"
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CD LUS009 "Aria ! ", Orkester Ben Jeger

including for the first time the mezzosopran
Teresa Larraga Burgos...

CD LUS008 "Euphoria Live", Shirley Anne Hofmann

The latest CD by Shirley Anne Hofmann is a live recording of her one -woman show Euphoria! featuring the members of the band: Edith Euphonium, Teresa Tuba, Tiny (pocket) Trumpet, Audrey Accordion and last but not least , Lily (echoplex) Loop! "In her hands, brass horns become the instigators of a fulminating theater piece. Splendid sillyness!!" Zürcher Tagesanzeiger

"Enchanting, unbelievably comical, and musically wonderful." Ruhr Nachrichten

>>> listen to "Euro Cha Cha Cha" (mp3 : 543 Ko)

CD LUS006:
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Just out now! This CD contains a selection of music from the productions of LabelUsineS thus far. For more details contact us.

>>> listen to "tangue" (mp3 : 471 Ko),
by Bratko Bibic & The Madleys.

"Alp Traum", Shirley Anne Hofmann
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Shirley Anne Hofmann: Euphonium, tuba, pocket trumpet,valve trombone, accordion, loops, voice, all compositions and arrangements.
Contributing guests and friends: // Hämmi Hämmerli // Carlos Lopez // Pierre Kaufmann // Cédric Vuille // Teresa Larraga // Frédéric Maire // Jean-Vincent (20) Huguenin.

This is her second solo work after her superb debut CD "From the Depths". It represents another expedition between near and far, with familiar moments, charming adventures and many surprises - a veritable euphoric dream-voyage.

"Idraulica", Orkester Ben Jeger
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Ben Jeger // Peter Schärli // Shirley Hofmann // Freddy Flukiger // Michael Frey.

Their style of "central-european music" combines the circus with mystical glass harp interludes and adds a touch of 60's Farfisa Organ- partly a direct reflection their common passion for the music of Nino Rota. Indeed Idraulica combines some refreshed versions of Rota compositions plus a multitude of original compositions by the five members of the group.

"En Frac" , L'Ensemble Rayé
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Find yourself travelling from ancient Sparta to Bavarian oompah land. Dance the Rag'n'Râle or listen to a Carpatian Overture.Chamber music with a charming personality performed by five musicians on twenty-three very large and small instruments. L'Ensemble Rayé have managed to make themselves unmistakeable...Eine Kleine Weltmusik... from Switzerland... Die Weltwoche

"Bratko Bibic and the Madleys" ...of Bridko Bebic
top of page unpredictable modernist, an emotionally agitated bundle of temperament, with a glowing imagination and anarchistic humour.... A travelling accordion individualist - irresistibly "madley"... Jazzthetik

CD LUS001 "From the Depths", Shirley Anne Hofmann's Euphoria
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"Her music let's your inner eye see things that do not really exist..or, if they do, then only in far-away places "It is rare to become so deeply immersed when listening to music for first time..." Die Zeit

"Shirley Anne Hofmann is one of the freshest most promising phenomenen to appear on the european avant-garde scene..."Jazzthetik


AYAA cdt 1292

"Dis tanz " , Nimal (produced by LabelUsines)
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recDec 31
"Voix de Surface" , Nimal (produced by LabelUsines)
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"La Chanson", Trevor Dufoin
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