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Links to our friends:

Ben Jeger

Bratko Bibic

Daniel Spahni


Peeni Waali

Débile Menthol

L'Ensemble Rayé

The Blech

Hulu Project
... Hubl Greiner and Luigi Archetti

Half Japanese
... featuring Jad Fair and Dizzy Rieder

Manoeuvre d`Automne
... Un peu d`air (AYAA) France

Labels / Distributors / Festivals :

JARO Medien GmbH
... Recordlabel of The Blech, Huun Huur Tu,
Eric Satie and more.

RecRec Zürich
... Recordlabel of Débile Menthol, Nimal,
Die Knödel, and more.

Review Records
... Recordlabel of Iva Bittova (Svatba) and more.

Festival MIMI  > Stupeur -Trompette  > La Friche
... Ferdinand Richard.

... Recordlabel, Hardis Bruts with The Blech,
The Work, L'Ensemble Rayé...

CCn'C Records
... Recordlabel, contemporary music, Jazz, Worldmusic.

Erdenklang Musik
... Electronic Music, Worldmusic, New Age, Early Music.

cd shopping online
... contemporary music, jazz, world music, early music.

Uncool Festival
... Festival of international contemporary music in Poschiavo.

Taktlos Festival, Bern.

If you want to know more about the Swiss music scene, checkout music.ch ... the most complete listing about the music industry in Switzerland: www.music.ch

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